CAN is a growing group of more than 50 accredited investors and family offices. We are independent investors who make our own independent investment decisions. We are successful male and female executives, entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers. We are individually and collectively eager to apply our skills and put our connections and capital to work to help entrepreneurs succeed.

We are not a fund. Our members make no commitment to invest and are not charged a carry or management fee.

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Industry Partners
  • Batten Institute
  • Lenhart Pettit
  • Hantzmon Wiebel
  • Blue Ridge Bank

CAN invests in seed, angel, and friends & family rounds in promising startups raising less than $5MM. We typically invest $100K – $300K in a round and frequently partner with co-investors on Series A and B rounds.

As with our members’ backgrounds, our investment and industry interests vary widely. Our investment portfolio includes: SAAS, digital healthcare, biotech, consumer products, clean energy, Ed Tech, and more.

We have a soft-spot for Virginia-based companies, over half of our investments are in Virginia, but we are open to great startups wherever they may be.

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